Student stories


photo ugo

I had the opportunity to stay for 4 months with LLOGO and I don’t regret it. It is very safe and Julien is available if we have issues at the apartment. The location was also very well located (Urgell), I highly recommend the Llogo experience.

September- December 2018 France Toulouse business school



It was a great experience with Llog during my 4 months in Barcelona. Very nice and helpful staff, good location and good atmosphere! I highly recommend it! »


September- December 2018 France Toulouse business school



I spent 4 months in Barcelona for my studies and staying with LLOGO was a great experience. My flat was situated in the center of Barcelona (carrer del consell de cent) and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of other students, I lived with nigerians and egyptians guys really nice. I think that living in a LLOGO apartment is perfect for students in Barcelona ! You will not regret it !

September- December 2018 France Toulouse business school



I lived in the laeitana apartment and it was in a amazing location (el borne/gothic quarter) and just a short walk to the beach. Julien was an amazing landlord and was very prompt in answering any questions or concerns. Angel, our maitenance man, was also incredibly kind hearted and quick. Overall, housing was a stress free situation which really helped coming from across the world and knowing virtually nothing about the country. I highly recommend!

April-June 2018 United States Universitat Pompeu Fabra


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It was my first time living abroad but LLOGO made the experience really smooth and enjoyable. My apartment ( Carrer d’Entenca) was very well furnished and equipped. Julien was always helpful and all my doubts and problems were taken care of immediately. Highly recommend it!

September 2017-April 2018 Egypt Toulouse business school



I really enjoyed my experience living in LLOGO apartments! Julien made the entire process so easy right from the beginning. The location was also one of the best locations to stay in in Barcelona! Any issues with the apartment were solved instantly and made this experience very enjoyable!

January-May 2018 United States Universitat Pompeu Fabra



Being able to pre-book through Llogo was extremely helpful in preparing for my year abroad. The service is easy to use and Julien is very attentive and always answered all of my emails promptly. The apartment was in the most central location of any other student housing service I had heard of so was perfect for me. I would recommend using Llogo to anyone looking for quality accommodation in Barcelona!

September 2017-April 2018 UK Toulouse business school



My stay with LLOGO housing was great! The reservation was extremely easy to make and they were very accommodating in terms of money transfers, room cleaning, and airport transfers. The apartment was in a great location and allows you to make lots of international friends. I would highly recommend staying with LLOGO housing for any study abroad or internship needs.

January-April 2018 United States Universitat Pompeu Fabra



I lived in Via Laietana and really enjoyed my experience there! Julien was very responsive and accommodating and the apartment was in a very central location and is right next to major shopping areas and neighborhoods. I would highly recommend booking with LLOGO!

January-April 2018 United States Universitat Pompeu Fabra



I loved my experience of staying with LLOGO. From the moment I contacted them about housing until the day I moved out, they have been extremely accommodating, quick with responding, and very nice. The locations are all pretty ideal, the cleaning lady does a good job, and Julien makes the whole process very easy! I highly recommend going through LLOGO for housing in Barcelona.

January-April 2018 United States Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Photo Patrik

I was staying in “Espanya building” for my term abroad – perfect location, nice flats and a great service – a clear and honest recommendation for your stay in Barcelona.

September- December 2017 Germany EADA Business School



The central location of this residence makes it very convenient to navigate around Barcelona and is only a 2 minute walk from Plaza Espanya. With great management, consistent maintenance and weekly cleaning it was very welcoming and easy to get adjusted to the new life in this amazing city. This building is full of other exchange students who are also looking to meet new people and explore which is why I would recommend this place to everyone!

September- December 2017 Canada Universitat Pompeu Fabra